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Installing normal bootblocks in NetBSD


You chose to install serial bootblocks when you installed NetBSD, but now you want to go back. Don't sweat! It's really easy.

The NetBSD toaster at LinuxWorld 2005


The NetBSD toaster project is a token embedded project that showcases NetBSD's incredible portability. There are lots of NetBSD toaster pictures, as well as a couple of the booth volunteers.

New logo for NetBSD


The NetBSD Foundation held a logo design contest in January of 2004. My NetBSD logo seeks to unite an old concept with a new image.

Blast from the past: reliving your life on the web


Have a look at an old website of mine, permantenly stored at archive.org to ensure my humility for all time.

Zebra lists: alternating styles on list items


Alternating background colors on list items can make a long list easier to digest, but implementing them can be a pain. Here's an easy solution using javascript and CSS.

Floating lists: two-column list layout


Consolidate a collection of small lists into a tight two-column list layout.

Language translation with CSS


Need to translate a small portion of your content to a different language? Here’s a simple CSS/javascript language-translation (language-switching) technique.

Front and center


Two simple examples of break-out image centering between two paragraphs of left-aligned text.